Many people are familiar with bikini waxing, which removes pubic and leg hair that would otherwise show when a bathing suit is worn.

The treatment involves waxing off all pubic and labial hair from front to back for women and all genital hair for men, including that on the penis and scrotum.

You can also request a variation on the standard Brazilian if you prefer to leave a small amount of hair.

What to Expect During Your Brazilian Wax

Try to arrive relaxed and ready to bare all. There is no modest way to receive a Brazilian wax.

Your esthetician is a professional, and your dignity as a person will be respected in the treatment room. Be ready to fill out a questionnaire and describe what medications and skin care products you are using.

For women, it is best not to schedule a wax just before or during your period as it generally will feel more uncomfortable to be waxed at that time of the month. You can take 1-2 ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your appointment to decrease sensitivity and inflammatory response following waxing. There are also numbing crèmes that can be applied 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment that help minimize the discomfort of waxing.

Ask your esthetician for suggestions. If your hair is shorter than 1/2" the wax may not be effective, and if the hair is longer the wax will tug on the skin more, causing more discomfort. Your esthetician will use an antiseptic on the area first to cleanse. Wax is applied to the area one section at a time.

The wax is removed quickly and pressure is applied to the area to minimize discomfort. Cool compresses and soothing gel after the treatment also help to calm and soothe the area.

It is normal to have a histamine reaction following waxing in this area, in which you may see red irritated skin and bumps for 24 hours or even longer. This is very common and will subside. Your esthetician has learned the best techniques for removing the hair efficiently and effectively.

Some of the positions you may be asked to be in may be a little embarrassing, but your esthetician is a professional who does this type of waxing frequently and will be very professional and understanding with you.

What about home care?

Your esthetician can provide the best guidance on caring for your skin after a treatment.

For 24 hours following a Brazilian waxing, you should not sunbathe, use a tanning bed, use a hot tub, be sexually intimate, or perform exercise that will cause significant sweating.

Loose clothing worn after the appointment is the most comfortable. Keep the area clean and gently exfoliate the area to prevent ingrown hairs. Special products can be purchased for this.

Your esthetician will recommend which products will be best for you.If you decide you want to continue sporting your Brazilian style, waxing at approximately four-week intervals is recommended to reduce discomfort on follow up visits.

In time, less hair will grow back, and it will become finer and lighter in color.