Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Updated when new guidelines are given by SFDPH
-Client masks are required at all times unless the treatment prevents it.
-Estheticians will wear N95's at all times and face shields or glasses are worn during treatments when we are less than 6 feet away from you.
-There is HEPA filters running in each room and windows will opened when possible.
-Estheticians sanitize the beds (now with no linens or sheets atop), doorknobs, bins, etc. after each client. 
-Our appointments are staggered to limit the amount of people in the clinic.
-Our staff will be given time off to get tested if experiencing any flu/cold-like symptoms.
-Temperatures taken of Estheticians at the beginning of our work day.
-Anyone with a temp of 100 or over will be asked to leave immediately and will not be able to get their services done, or continue the work day.
-We have a hand sanitizer station for clients before getting any services done.
-All clients MUST fill out a COVID questionnaire digitally before their appointment. We may follow up with any questions we have before the appointment.
-All clients must have complete client profiles (full name, email address, & phone #) in our system before booking an appointment so that we can maintain 100% contact tracing ability.
-If any of our staff tests positive for COVID, or comes into close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID, we will inform all clients who have had contact with that staff member within the past 14 days know immediately via phone call, text, & email.
-We will be encouraging contact-less forms of payment (credit card), and venmo for tip.